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MSc / BSc opportunity: A new time-dependent limit-equilibrium model to understand progressive failure in bedrock slopes on the Grimsel Pass

Undercutting of rock slopes by either (river or glacier) erosion or highway construction commonly leaves overhanging unstable blocks that collapse after a period of time, endangering people and property, and changing the local geomorphological environment. When bedding or foliation dips steeply out of the slope, such failures often lead to an ‘unravelling’ of the rock […]


MSc opportunity: Monitoring progressive damage accumulation at the Bedretto Tunnel, Switzerland

Project Framework and Goals The Furka-Oberalp railway line presents the only year-round east west connection in the Swiss Alps. It serves to link the resort areas of Valais, Central Switzerland, with those in the Grisons, as well as efficient local transportation. Construction of the Furka (Base) Tunnel began in 1972 and was completed in 1982. […]


MSc opportunity: The relationship between large-scale geomorphological processes and local slope instabilities affecting transport networks

The construction of transportation routes can markedly increase the risk of rockfalls and landslides in Alpine settings. Where forming road and rail routes involves excavation or the construction of embankments in locations already in a state of critical stability, minor changes to slope geometry or groundwater conditions can have a notable impact on local ground […]


MSc opportunity: Monitoring progressive fracture propagation in response to environmental stress variations

Candidate: Open Supervisors: Kerry Leith, Dr. Matthew Perras, Valentin Gischig Institution: ETH Zurich Activity: Beginning Fall 2017 Exceptionally warm summer temperatures in northern Europe during the summer of 2014 were accompanied by active fracturing and small rockbursts from flat-lying postglacial bedrock surfaces on a small Finnish Island. Employing a new portable acoustic emission detection system, this project will investigate […]


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