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Month: May 2013

QGIS-SEXTANTE cookbook: Hydrology analysis with TauDEM

QGIS-SEXTANTE cookbook: Hydrology analysis with TauDEM: To start the year, here is the first external contribution to this blog, a great post about the TauDEM algorithm provider for hydrological …


Geo-guesses, and Geo-information in Street View

GeoGuessr provides a natural change of pace for a Sunday blog, though it’s also a great chance to highlight the growing coverage and interesting applications of Google Street View. GeoGuessr is a Google Chrome experiment from Anton Wallén which allows you to test your geographic knowledge against the Street View data by dropping you into five random scenes, and […]


Integrating GIS with field investigations

Things are moving fast in the mobile world, and the last couple of years have been particularly progressive in the rather specific, but somehow exciting world of mobile GIS. This is allowing practitioners to tighten the loop between desk investigation, field study, and reporting, as mobile devices provide access to traditional reference data in the […]


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