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Month: March 2013

Exploring the Mt Dixon rock avalanche

In my last post I discussed the growing volume of geodata available online – and in particular ways in which it can be accessed by freely available GIS software. This kind of accessibility has great potential for geoscientists, and among other uses (e.g. teaching, structural geology) perhaps is a step toward ‘crowdsourcing’ geotechnical expertise for […]


Visualizing geodata in 3D

After spending some time working on the Bavaria maps pages (both the Earth and Maps pages work now!), I recently went in search of a way to project the same data in a vector format. At the moment I use the GDAL library (specifically gdalwarp and gdal2tiles) to convert georeferenced .tiff files to a .png format […]


It’s time to do this!

Hi all, Over the last few years I’ve spent a lot of time working in the Alps – learning about the valley geomorphology, slope instabilities, bedrock properties… enjoying the steep valleys, long trails, alternately hot and freezing weather, and supermarkets closed at lunchtime.  A German version of steep valleys and freezing weather; A view from the top […]


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