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A compilation of meteorological observations, pore water pressure measurements, and the model results.

A new paper describing a simplistic model for the evaluation of landslide hydrology (with very limited data): Nie, W., Krautblatter, M., Leith, K., Thuro, K., Festl, J., (2017)  A modified tank model including snowmelt and infiltration time lags for deep-seated landslides in alpine environments (Aggenalm, Germany), Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci.

MSc Jonas von Wartburg: Constraining the age and source area of the Molveno landslide deposits in the Brenta Group, Trentino Dolomites.

Candidate: Jonas von Wartburg Supervisors: Susan Ivy-Ochs, Kerry Leith, Prof. Dr. Silvana Martin (U. Padua) Institution: ETH Zurich, University of Padua Activity: Beginning Fall 2017 Introduction A detailed understanding of prehistoric landslides provides fundamental information on the inherent causes of massive rock slope failures in the Alps. In Trentino, a key issue in assessing hazards from rock wall […]


BSc Andrina Vlasek: Assessment of deep-seated landslide distributions in the Alps: Ticino

Candidate: Andrina Vlasek Supervisors: Kerry Leith, Andrea Manconi Institution: ETH zurich Activity: Completed summer 2016 Natural hazards such as landslides happen frequently in Switzerland, more than 6% of Switzerland’s area is prone to slope instability. Not all landscapes are equally prone to landslide instabilities, but depend on various factors, such as geologic (e.g. lithology), topographic (e.g. slope steepness) […]


BSc Felix Hofmayer: Preconditioning of the Eibsee Bergsturz by deglaciation & development of near-surface critical stress

Candidate: Felix Hofmayer Supervisors: Kerry Leith, Michael Krautblatter Institution: Technical University of Munich Activity: Completed summer 2015 Especially in alpine areas with a high density of population there is a huge risk of heavy rockfalls. Most of all in case there is a touristic dependency for the region. The Zugspitze with Garmisch-Patenkirchen at the bottom is a […]


MSc Theresa Raab: Geomorphological indicators of slope instabilities in alpine settings

Candidate: Theresa Raab Supervisors: Kerry Leith, Michael Krautblatter Institution: Technical University of Munich Activity: Completed fall 2015 High-magnitude forcing events like earthquakes and severe strorms greatly influence regional landslide activity. Here, we investigate geomorphic factors contributing to slope instability prior to, during, and after four extreme-forcing events: the 2008 MW 7.9 Wenchuan, China, earthquake, the […]


BSc Benedikt Geisenhof: Strukturelle Analyse der Gatterl und Zugspitzplatt Felsstürze

Candidate: Benedikt Geisenhof Supervisors: Kerry Leith, Michael Krautblatter Institution: Technical University of Munich Activity: Completed summer 2014


Clues for former instability at the site of the Koslanda landslide, Sri Lanka

Monsoon rains triggered a large earth flow near the town of Koslanda yesterday. The landslide struck early in the morning, and according to the Disaster Management Center destroyed more than 120 homes, with current estimates suggesting there could be more than 100 casualties. New video from the site gives the first really good impression of the […]


Randa rockfall update: One of those rare cases

In the case of the 29/08/14 failure, members of the ETH Zurich had captured images of the rock slope two weeks prior to the event, and as the SLF was working in the region at the time, images immediately (approx. 30 min) after the event are also available. This is a rare case for such a large alpine rockfall, and in addition to the video I posted earlier could offer opportunities to investigate the driving mechanism and failure process with more detail than is usually possible.


Ongoing instability of the Randa rock slope (Switzerland)

A large Alpine rockfall caught on video


Glacier retreat and slope instability, an example from Mount Kazbek, Georgia

A large landslide close to the Georgia – Russia border this week killed up to eight people, and disrupted construction of a new hydropower diversion tunnel.

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