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Month: October 2014

Geomechanics in natural environments: A new session for the EGU General Assembly 2015

  For those of you looking for an excuse to leave your desk, my colleagues and I have proposed a new session for EGU 2015 in Vienna, Austria, “Geomechanics in natural environments: quantifying environmental stresses and physical soil or rock behaviour“. We expect contributions will improve our ability to predict change in Earth surface systems, and hope […]


Clues for former instability at the site of the Koslanda landslide, Sri Lanka

Monsoon rains triggered a large earth flow near the town of Koslanda yesterday. The landslide struck early in the morning, and according to the Disaster Management Center destroyed more than 120 homes, with current estimates suggesting there could be more than 100 casualties. New video from the site gives the first really good impression of the […]


Stress-driven has found a new digital home

Hi all, After a long weekend of coding I’ve moved to a new home in the open source environment. This should make a big difference to the usability and scalability of the site, while keeping the effort required for me to add new content to a minimum. At the moment there may still […]


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