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MSc opportunity: Monitoring progressive fracture propagation in response to environmental stress variations

Candidate: Open Supervisors: Kerry Leith, Matthew Perras Institution: ETH Zurich, York University Activity: Beginning Fall 2018 Exceptionally warm summer temperatures in northern Europe during the summer of 2014 were accompanied by active fracturing and small rockbursts from flat-lying postglacial bedrock surfaces on a small Finnish Island. Employing a new portable acoustic emission detection system, this project will investigate […]


MSc Martin Kradolfer: The role of ice filled cracks on rock slope stability – a laboratory study

Candidate: Martin Kradolfer Supervisors: Florian Amann, Kerry Leith Institution: ETH Zurich Activity: Beginning Fall 2017 Project Framework: Ice filled tension cracks are commonly observed in association with active or catastrophic rock slope failures located in potential permafrost regions of the Alps. Displacement or dislocation along cracks in many of these rock slopes has been observed to primarily occur […]


MSc Patrick Hadener: Time-dependent behaviour of two different prismatic limestone specimens

Candidate: Patrick Hadener Supervisors: Matthew Perras, Kerry Leith Institution: ETH Zurich Activity: Fall 2016 – ongoing Supervisors: Dr. Matthew Perras & Dr. Kerry Leith  


MSc Theresa Raab: Geomorphological indicators of slope instabilities in alpine settings

Candidate: Theresa Raab Supervisors: Kerry Leith, Michael Krautblatter Institution: Technical University of Munich Activity: Completed fall 2015 High-magnitude forcing events like earthquakes and severe strorms greatly influence regional landslide activity. Here, we investigate geomorphic factors contributing to slope instability prior to, during, and after four extreme-forcing events: the 2008 MW 7.9 Wenchuan, China, earthquake, the […]

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